Hotel Mirador del Lago is located in the colonial city of Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico, in a convenient location with easy access from the main entrances to the city, 5 minutes from downtown and with a beautiful panoramic view of the lake and its islands.

Libramiento Ignacio Zaragoza No. 720, Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico.

About Patzcuaro

Patzcuaro is one of the most beautiful typical villages of America. It is a true jewel of colonial architecture where you can see religious monuments in baroque and neoclassical style in excellent condition. Patzcuaro obtained the category of Pueblo Magico in the year of 2002.

Its adobe and tile buildings give it a unique look, in harmony with wooded squares and beautiful fountains. The always friendly treatment of its people is conjugated in an atmosphere of charm that invites the visitor to return again and again.

The Municipality of Patzcuaro has a population of approximately 48,000, of which, fewer than 5,000 speak indigenous languages.

The main economic activity is tourism, and to a lesser extent other activities such as fishing, the manufacture of colonial wooden furniture, textile industry, cork products, blankets, wooden handicrafts such as rafts, masks and toys; Jewelery, artistic jewelry, religious figures, chopped paper and handicrafts of natural fibers, such as chuspata, straw, tule and others.

Patzcuaro's atractions

The main attractions offered by the city of Patzcuaro are:

Basilica de nuestra señora de la salud


The main towns on the Patzcuaro region (lake area) are:

Convento de Tzintzuntzan